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We offer a range of natural floor coverings from 100% Wool Carpets to Sisal, Seagrass and Coir. Wool carpets are a popular choice amongst many homes as not only is it soft under foot but it comes in a wide range of designs and colours. Wool is a high quality product and if maintained correctly can last years within a domestic home. Wool is naturally resistant to dirt and stains, is flame-retardant and soft to touch. A great carpet for any home but please note Wool Carpets will shed a bit initially, they require a good brush and if you have a problem with Moths we would advise against installing a Wool Carpet.

Natural Sisal & Seagrass, not so soft underfoot, their fibres come from plants so they are bristly and of traditionally dark beiges/natural colours. Although very durable and made of strong tough fibres, once stained there is no going back, Sisal can even be stained just by water. The process of installing Sisal & Seagrass carpets is quite costly and will require your underlay be stuck down to your subfloor, followed by the Sisal/Seagrass carpet being stuck to the underlay.

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